Game Of Thrones’ prequel Bloodmoon pilot has finished filming so we can get hyped now

Game of Thrones has officially wrapped on the first episode of the potential new spin-off series, Bloodmoon. Casey Bloys, head honcho of HBO, revealed in a press conference that the first run of the pilot episode had wrapped production – meaning the future of the show is now just a waiting game. Speaking only to confirm its existence, it still doesn’t mean we’ll ever get to the see the new series, which is being fronted by Naomi Watts. The actual episode is only being considered a pilot – which for new series is a test run episode to see whether fans react well to it, or if things need to be changed before it gets a full season run. Bloodmoon is also currently just a working title, with a chance of it changing before finally coming to our screens (we’ll keep you updated as much as we can). According to George RR Martin, Bloodmoon will centre on Westeros hundreds of years before the time we know in Game Of Thrones.

In fact, the Seven Kingdoms was actually more like 100, according to writer George RR Martin in an interview with EW, and will focus on the ‘Age Of Heroes’ through to the world’s ‘Darkest Hour’. Yup, we’re not entirely sure either. Though of course, the Starks are still around no matter what, with the ancestors of fan favourites Arya, Sansa, Bran and Robb becoming part of the story’s main tale.

Little is known about what the series will show – but Naomi Watts has promised fans that they ‘won’t be let down’ by what they’re about to see. While we don’t know her character for sure just yet, it’s been rumoured that she could be playing Florys the Fox – an important character in the lore of the novels the original series is based on.

According to myth, she kept three husbands (none of whom knew about each other), and she could’ve potentially been the mother to Lann the Clever, who eventually starts the Lannister family. Filming for the series has been taking place in the show’s home of Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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